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We accept new skaters of ALL skill levels. From award-winning speed skaters to wall-huggers who can barely stay on their feet – if you’ve got the drive to learn, we’ll teach you!

Follow our Facebook page for 2022 boot camp announcements where MRD veterans will get you in derby shape and teach you the basics to get you started.
If you already have some derby-related skills and experience (like crossovers, plow stops or transitions), shoot us a message! We may be able to fit you into a fresh meat class already in session.

Transfers are welcome on a case-by-case basis throughout the year - email so we can set up your assessment.

Here are some things you need to know if you’d like to become a skater:
– Skaters joining MRD must be at least 18.
– You don’t need gear (helmet, mouth guard, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and quad skates) to show up to your first few practices, but you do need it to skate. We have a bin of loaner gear if you’re short a few items.
– If you’re looking at buying gear, here’s a list of gear and information to get you started.

Email for more information on becoming a skater.


We couldn’t do any of this without our officials, who help keep us safe and playing fair.
MRD is lucky to have a number of high-level referees. Joining us as a referee means learning from some of the best. And no matter the outcome of our bouts, Team Zebra always wins!
If skating isn’t for you, become an NSO! NSOs officiate off-skates and help keep track of score and penalties.
Don’t worry if you have no experience as a referee or a NSO. We’ll train you to get you up to speed!

Email for more information on becoming an official!

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